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Software Development

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Software development

Software development is a process which is both creative and formal. Systems architects and software developers are obliged to accomplish the opposing tasks: software development in accordance with the client's requirements and the optimal implementation of the application components with in the resources available.

The development of sophisticated software involves several stages, the most important of which is designing. This phase receives a great deal of attention. From our point of view, software design also includes the phase of pre-design analysis, and even the first phase of the development. All in all, there are four main parts. They are as follows:

  • examining and describing the processes which are to be automated, and also the processed data and the automation tasks;
  • designing the data objects which will be used in the database;
  • designing the modules, procedures, visual forms, reports which will ensure the performance of data retrieval operation;
  • adaptation to a current environment or a technology namely: a hardware platform, an operating system, a network topology, hardware configuration, a data processing scheme, compliance with data protection requirements etc.

In order for a project to be implemented successfully the object of design must be described adequately, i.e. the models of software architecture, which must be built, are to be complete and clear; this architecture is to determine the overall total of the system structural elements and their interconnections, the way the elements interact with one another, and also the hierarchy of the subsystems which combine the structural elements.

While designing software and information systems, we try to stick to the following principles:

  • complying with ISO/IEC 12207 standard (maintenance work carried out on all the software processes);
  • conducting evaluation in order to determine whether the anticipated results of the information systems development have been achieved within the time, budget and standards set;
  • decomposing a project so that its component parts could be undertaken by small design teams and then integrated;
  • developing efficient software within the shortest possible time.


On the one hand, while developing the designed software, we adhere strictly to the developed architecture, but on the other hand, we take every arising opportunity to optimize the product functionality and to increase the number of operations it is able to perform. All those modifications are submitted to the client's approval. Our company also gives a lot of attention to the quality of our products. All the developed components undergo numerous trials and internal functionality tests. Finally, the source code and the software as a whole are well documented.

A lot of attention given to technical analysis, catering to our clients, flexibility and our readiness to not always adhere strictly to patterns, to seek new solutions have enabled IT Universe to acquire a well-deserved reputation for being a reliable and effective software developer company.