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Research work

Over the past few years one of the main focuses of the company's activity has been on implementing innovative projects. This activity involves practical scientific research the main aim of which is to apply new knowledge in practice. The proportion of research projects is becoming increasingly substantial in the total amount of work carried out by the company.

The level of difficulty of the conducted research is increasing from project to project. The work involved in the IT medicine projects can be considered the most challenging. These projects are as follows:


  • the analysis of electrical activity in the human brain, the aim of which is to develop practical hardware applications for medical and social rehabilitation;
  • research into the usage of tactile channels of perception for the rehabilitation of visually impaired people and of those who are both visually and hearing-impaired;
  • the development of the mathematical model of human bone strength dependence on the biochemical parameters of an organism and other projects.

In addition, the company is carrying out theoretical research into the mathematical methods of wave processes analysis and for solving a practical problem - to define the characteristics of the acoustic signals carried through hot water pipelines.

Our company is interested in scientific research undertaken in collaboration with Russian and foreign scientific institutions and we are open to the discussion of topics and conditions