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The company IT Universe works in partnership with a large number of Russian and foreign service providers, software and hardware vendors, scientific institutions. The implementation of innovative projects involves our close cooperation with the leading Russian universities and institutions which provide support for business in the fields of science, technology and innovations.

Since 2003 the company has gone into partnership with many foreign businesses. In Austria numerous contacts with high-tech enterprises have been established with the assistance of the Austrian chamber of economy and the IT-cluster of Vienna. We also maintain close contact with French companies. While participating in such exhibitions as CeBIT and MEDICA (Germany), our company established a large number of business contacts. In 2015 the company IT Universe has taken part in numerous business-events in Europe (France) and in South-East Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan) which has led to our forming close partnerships in this region too. The fact that the company has gained both experience and competence in the field of designing, developing, implementing and maintaining complex software and hardware is proof that new joint business projects have enormous potential and the high quality of the products and services is guaranteed.

We value both the reputation and the trust our company has gained. What makes the company stand out is a sense of responsibility, punctuality, attention to detail, the respect and openness we show while communicating and collaborating with our partners. We place a high priority on catering to our customers and on being flexible while forming business partnerships.

As for as collaboration with foreign companies is concerned, our main interests are as follows:

  • joint projects in the field of medical technology and biotechnology, including clinical approbation;
  • software development for new hardware;
  • native server software applications development;
  • conducting an analysis of the providing expert advice on the automation of industrial process;
  • BI solutions provision;
  • the promotion of our partners solutions and products in the Russian b2b market.

We are open to collaboration and new projects implementation.