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Our company operates in a region which has the potential for scientific and technological innovations, a region with a large concentration of manufacturing industry, a diversified economy and a strong IT-cluster.

Being one of the most advanced IT companies of the region, IT Universe takes part in such activities as undertaking innovative projects in cooperation with universities, industrial enterprises and state institutions which provide support for the development of business activity and innovations.

The company embarks on innovative projects, with the requirements of various clusters of Samara region being taken into consideration, namely those of biotechnology and medicine clusters, information technology, the aerospace industry and the automobile industry clusters.

IT Universe regularly participates actively in various scientific and technical events, conferences and congresses. The company's representatives serve on the expert and coordination committees of various organizations and associations. The company also makes every effort to strengthen international cooperation in the field of science and technology. This enables us to be at the cutting edge of modern technology and innovations.

A significant number of innovative projects which are currently being undertaken are related to IT medicine. For example, one of them is development of neurorehabilitation exercise unit for human extremities which provides biofeedback via brain-computer interface (BCI). This project is being implemented in close partnership with Samara State Medical University and the French engineering company BIA. This project has been rated highly by experts and the project team has been awarded a trip and mentorship session to Singapore, as part of the joint education project undertaken by the Russian Venture Company, Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) and ITMO University (St. Petersburg). The project "Helping Hand" deserves a special mention. It is aimed at after-stroke patients and people who suffer the consequences of brain damage. Our company is also doing research work in the field of analysis of EEG activity of human brain. In addition, we have recently embarked on three projects which aim to make devices for helping visually impaired people and for those who are both visually and hearing-impaired.

The innovative projects aimed at power plants and energy transportation have enabled IT Universe to become a resident company of the high-tech technopark "ZhiguliValley".

A large concentration of the potential for new developments in science and technology, a growing number of competences and innovative developments enable IT Universe to feel confident about the future and to consider ourselves to be a professional and reliable partner.