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Software and Hardware Engineering

It is engineering that is one of the most important stages of the process of developing software or implementing an innovative project. Years of project work have enabled our company to gain extensive experience in the field of innovative engineering and re-engineering of software and hardware systems.

In order for the company to carry out this type of work, we have employed highly qualified people and we have also established close relations with our partners and experts in various fields.

The implementation of software and hardware development projects involves our doing a great deal of engineering work such as examining the structure of the company from which the order has been received, studying, describing and analyzing their workflow and information flow, identifying the key business processes which can be automated, determining what information resources and technologies the branches of the company need in order for them to perform business task in the best possible way. The main objective at this stage is to develop and describe a stable software system of well-defined quality, with the possibility of further modifications being taken into consideration.


All these types of work require adequate training, erudition and broad mindedness, which the company IT Universe has every right to take pride in.Engineering also involves our carrying out a lot of research analytical, calculation planning and designing work. In addition, our company provides both technical and economic grounds for the projects. We make recommendations for innovative production and for business management as a whole.

We hope that our company has made some contribution to the fact that our business partners and customers are widely acknowledged to be leaders in their fields.