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Company profile


IT Universe leads its history since 2001. The main strategic direction of the company is to provide services for creation and maintenance of the enterprises` information infrastructure, as well as building on its base the specialized systems for automation of the business processes. We are actively growing and developing. The list of our services is updated every year with new products and services that are high-tech trend of the market.

Many years of experience in the sphere of information technology, the creation and usage of innovative solutions and methods of optimization of the engineering and information systems, give us an opportunity to generate effective solutions in the field of engineering, which are relevant in the modern context.

The peculiarity of the created solutions in the field of engineering is their high reliability, which is achieved by the careful selection of suppliers and the ultimate, system-related technical solutions. All engineering and information systems are developed with allowances made for the individual requirements and wishes of our customer. The selection of engineering technology is determined by the economic and technological practicability.

A number of projects is implemented in cooperation with integrators of the federal level, academic and educational institutions. We have also established partnership relations with the scientific and technical companies in Austria, Finland, Holland and Germany.

Innovative development of our company helped us to become the resident of Technopark in the sphere of high technologies - "Zhiguli valley".

Our under work innovative projects were highly appreciated at different event of the nationwide level. The company takes part in various international events: exhibitions, conferences and negotiations. IT Universe within the delegation of the Samara region took part in the activity of such international exhibitions as CeBIT (Hannover, Germany), MEDICA (Dusseldorf, Germany) and business events in Austria and France.

The team of IT Universe is young, but experienced, response, but thoughtful. The team consists of real experts in the field of information technology: engineers, technical consultants, programmers, analysts and integrators. The company takes new projects and implements them masterfully. The quality of our work is confirmed by numerous comments from the customers: the large commercial structures, state authorities, Russian and foreign partners.

We are open to partnership, implementation of new information technology projects, research and engineering work, development of new co-partnership at the international level.