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The Company IT Universe dates from 2001.

Since that time the main focus of the company activity has been on creating, developing and maintaining the IT-infrastructure for businesses and institutions, and also using this infrastructure as a basis for specialized systems of business process automation.

The company has been developing rapidly. It boasts on ever-widening range of products and services which are in demand in the high technologies market. It is innovative projects that the company has undertaken recently.

Years of experience in the field of information technologies, innovative ideas and skills in optimizing of engineering and information systems enable the company to offer effective and optimal solutions

What makes the company's products stand out is the fact that their creation is given a lot of thought, which means that we make a careful selection of suppliers and provide optimal system solutions. The choice of technologies is determined by their economic and technical value. All the engineering and information systems are devised and implemented with our customers' requirements being highly taken into consideration.

There are a number of projects which are being undertaken in collaboration with large companies and world famous universities. We have also established close contacts with scientific and technical institutions in Europe, North America and South-East Asia.

The innovative projects have enabled IT Universe to become a resident company of by far the most modern technopark in the field of high technologies, which is called ''Zhiguli Valley''.  Our projects were ranked very high at various all-Russia events. The company regularly participates in international exhibitions such as CeBIT or MEDICA, in scientific and practice conferences, in business missions to Austria, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and places.

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The people who work for the company are young, but experienced, they are efficient, but thoughtful. The staff consists entirely of real IT professionals: project managers, systems architects and analysts, program developers, engineers and technical consultants. The company easily embarks on and implements new projects. The positive feedback provided by our numerous customers (large companies, universities, government institutions) and a good reputation that we are known for both in Russia and abroad is proof that our products and services are of high quality.

We are open to collaboration, to new projects, to ambitious research, software and engineering projects. We are willing to establish regular contact with other businesses both in Russia and internationally.